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WHAT MADE UP YOGURT may confuse you

 Do you like to drink yogurt? Do you know what makes a yogurt, or what composes a yogurt so it will be that dessert 😋 you loved? 

Or, what is it's difference from fresh milk you may asked? Learn what made up yogurt and see the benifit of it not only in reducing weight.


 " Yogurt,"  according to Wikipedia , " is made by heating milk,  to a 85 degree  temperature that denaturates its proteins by (scalding), essential for making yogurt, cooling it to a temperature that will not kill the live microorganisms that turn the milk into yogurt, inoculating certain bacteria (starter culture), usually Streptococcus thermophilus and Lactobaccilus bulgarius.

  So a yogurt was produced, by culturing these two bacteria. The  bacteria is known as live cultures, and fermentation of lactose  produces lactic acid that acts on milk proteins and gives the yogurt it's texture and tart flavor.

Types of Milk used for Making Yogurt

      According to some South Indian native, there is no day that pass without yogurt in their dishes. And every family in India, eat and made their own yogurt. They used these type of milk either from cow, goat, mares, carabao or camels and ewes. 

1. It may be homogenized-meaning, the milk is pumped and pressurized while the fat is reduced. The lower the fat, the thinner the yogurt.

2. It may be pasteurized-boiled into some temperature that can kill pathogens or germs in a raw milk.

3. A raw goats milk or carabao milk. Raw milk can contain pathogens such as Campylobacter, E. coli O157:H7, Salmonella, Listeria and other  disease-causing bacteria. But, a native Indian prefer yogurt made from raw milk, as it is extremely nutritious, extremely creamy and extremely delicious.

Method in cooking yogurt:

1. Temperature needed : The slow your heat is, or fire, the better. Heat the milk at 85 degree Celseus  or  110degree Fahrenheit. Let it cool. Then when it curds add to the raw milk.

2. Ratio ; 1tbsp starter (curd) : 1cup of raw milk 

Note: If you use the homogenized or pasteurized milk, the curd will be thicker.
Stir and whisk it so that it dissolves and is well distributed  throughout.
3. Close with a lid and keep it in a place where it's temperature is anywhere between 105F to 110F for it to incubate. Preheat the Oven for couple of minutes, switch it off and leave the pan inside it overnight. It takes around 6-8 hours to set. [will take less in humid places and more in very cold places.

4. Your yogurt is set if you have that yellow layer on top of the mixture. Because this milk is not homogenized, the cream rises to the top. It's ohh-so-delicious and a choc full of  good bacteria  that bring your system together

Lastly, don't  you know that Lactobaccilus bacteria used in yogurt can keep your tummy  away from bloatedness due to lack of exercise and all day sitting  after eating your meals
? So, you better make yogurt at home than seeing a doctor for unusual indigestion or stomach disorder and end up stocking probiotic pills. Yogurt 's Lactobaccilus is a probiotic bacteria that will fight against bad bacteria within your body.


Sunday, August 23, 2020

Best Supplements for Glowing, Anti-Ageing Skin that You must look for



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      So you want   a younger, healthy glowing skin, or just to maintain a younger-looking

      skin? Know this before going to a dermatologist or face-lift operation.

     Many  asked about skincare products made with natural ingredients that can still 

   help keep their complexion glowing and healthy. Is moisturizer enough? Is Glutathione

   the answer for all types of skin problems ? Or are your facial cream solving all the

  dryness, the aging or sagging problems of an aged woman ? 

      There are many skin creams produced from  Korea, Vietnam, Japan that seem

 organic or plant -based  and command integrity but  highly priced. So let's discuss 

supplements that are plant-based and the foods available in the market that can boost 

 collagen, to make your skin glowing and healthy at any age.

‌‌What Is Collagen and Why Is it Important?

       What is collagen and why do we care for it as we aged?

Collagen according to dermatologists,  is a very important protein in our body, existing 

as long, thin chains of molecules that are found in the skin, tendons and bones – in fact, 

it makes up one-third of our entire body composition! There are many types of collagen 

in the body and it functions as a scaffolding that holds the body together and gives 

it  strength and form. In the skin, collagen provides structure and also helps to 

regenerate and renew dead skin cells.  As we age, exposure to UV radiation and 

smoking decreases our collagen levels, and collagen levels also drop after menopause. 

A dip in collagen levels means our skin starts sagging, forming wrinkles and loose skin.


 Ingredients  for Boosting Skin Collagen

   1.  Phytosterols - Simply put, phytosterols are naturally occurring plant molecules

 that resemble cholesterol. Phytosterols can be found in a wide variety of plants, but are

 most abundant in nutsbeanssunflowers, soy, and vegetable oils including sesame

peanut, and canola. Phytosterols have been touted for many anti-inflammatory effects, 

and they may even help stimulate hair growth and lower cholesterol. They are also used 

in oral supplements and topical creams and lotions. Today, I want to focus on the 

benefits of phytosterols for the skin.

 There are a good number of skincare products out there that contain phytosterols if 

       you are interested in trying it out for yourself. Mild by Nature makes a number of 

  body   butters with plant-based phytosterols as well as shea butter and moringa oil for 

  added     hydration.

  In addition to phytosterols, there are a number of other skincare ingredients that can 

 increase collagen production or prevent collagen destruction:


     2.  Retinoids and Retinols

 Retinoids and retinols are vitamin A derivatives that can stimulate more collagen 

production. These can be over-the-counter or prescription-strength; prescription-strength

 retinoids are stronger as they exist in a form that the skin can directly utilize. Retinoids 

have the added bonus of helping to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, 

lighten dark spots, and reduce pore congestion, all helping to improve the overall 

appearance and glow of the skin.


Visit iHERB for different types of retinol supplement or cream
soothing to your skin problem.

    3. Vitamin C 

Vitamin C is another power ingredient that is instrumental in the formation of collagen. 

Vitamin C actually helps add oxygen and hydrogen atoms to amino acids, helping to

 stabilize collagen so it can perform its role in adding structure to the skin. In addition to 

helping make collagen, Vitamin C also has strong antioxidant effects that balance out 

the DNA damage caused by sun exposure and toxins. Topical Vitamin C should be an 

integral part of any skincare regimen in order to protect the skin and prevent aging.

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 Proper ‌‌‌‌Lifestyle to Protect Collagen

     In terms of preventing collagen destruction, you want to take care to reduce exposure

 to harmful toxins that decrease collagen levels. This includes smoking, excessive 

alcohol use, air pollution, and most of all, UV radiation. UV radiation occurs in the forms 

of UVA  radiation, which predisposes skin to photoaging, and UVB radiation, which

 increases the risk of skin cancer. To prevent exposure to UV, you should seek shade 

during peak sun exposure hours between 10 am and 4 pm, and wear sun-protective 

UPF clothing or hats. 

        You should also wear a broad spectrum SPF 30 and above sunscreen day in 

and day out, even if there doesn’t seem to be much sun exposure that day! If you have 

sensitive skin, look for physical sunscreens that contain zinc oxide or titanium dioxide, 

which are much less likely to cause allergies.

What you eat can also impact your skin. Certain foods are better than others because 

they can stimulate collagen growth – these include fruits and vegetables, and lean 

meats and proteins, especially salmon. I know it is so difficult, but try to avoid overly 

salty, sugary or fatty foods.

What about oral collagen supplements? This has definitely been an area of wide interest

 as more and more companies are producing collagen drinks and pills. Studies in the 

scientific literature show mixed results. One study looking at multiple experiments that 

have been done in skin cells in dishes and in human subjects found that preliminary 

results look promising for skin health, helping to increase skin hydration and elasticity, 

but we don’t yet know the optimal dosing or form that the collagen supplements should 

come in. Oral collagen is also very safe, with no patients reporting adverse effects. This

 will be a field that I continue to watch with interest!

      Now that you know more about the importance of collagen, what breaks it down, 

and  what you can do to prevent destruction and promote its generation, you’re on your 

way  to healthy, glowing skin. 

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

THE 5 PERSONAL YOU MUST-HAVE , being a smart Geek this 2020

         It was perhaps 2018 or last year when I saw a  Smartwatch that has a bluetooth and has phone 

functions like sending and receiving calls aside from the Facebook notifications you may receive 

while wearing it. I thought of such innovation as perfect gift  for my son's birthday but he was more

on his gaming obsession together with his high school barkadas plus college students.

       True , kids now mingle with teenagers and the bad thing was, they are  no longer innocent to the 

internet of things such as gaming, ML, APEX Legends and DOTA. For the  average parents, since the 

lockdown  made us no choice but to have online classes, equiping your children with these tech must-

have personals  is a smart thing  to do ( in my personal opinion, but it is still up to you ):

1.  An IPAD or TABLET   for his games he can turn to after classes, that will also help him in his 

school  research.. Of course, that will be convenient for him if he has also a GAMEPAD  either cheap 

or expensive ,which you can buy at LAzada or Shopee having their monthly sale of up to 90%, you

can save. Or with 2  children to research and play, better have the DESKTOP SET which only cost 

less if pre-owned but look new also at Lazada or Shopee like this at P7k :


2. SMARTWATCH - a smartwatch is not only for kids or teens. It has been originally for working men 
and women who are eager to monitor their  health or firness activity  like in jogging, walking as there is pedometer, sleeping habit, heart or blood monitor. Since it is now designed for all ages including your 
kids, it is techie to buy him the Smartwatch that can send and receive calls, with SIM card slot, has mp3 player, bluetooth and send FB notiifications( not FB browsing at all). 



XIAOMI HUAMI AMAZFIT- this smartwatch with a phone function has also fitness monitor for
heart rate, blood pressure, camera, sleeping monitor, step count surely your kids will love. You can find this at Shopee with their monthly promo at 90%OFF .

For those looking for their brands,  APPLE smartwatch is on  SALE at 53% in LAZADA.
it has no Facebook function, no phone call functions but only heart and blood monitor suited for mature
working men and women .
APPLE Nike smartwatch P23,990.

APPLE Nike Smartwatch @P24,230    for fitness- conscious adult  

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to get 15% off on all items at  LAzada ,or just looking for APPLE watches, they have this special 
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3.  FACE SHIELD- Aside from alcohol and face  masks, of course we are a little bit classy 
wearing a Face shield. Agree? If before you look techie or geeky wearing that  reading glass 
of yours even having a clear vision , and you intentionally have your teeth Braced to the max,
now thanks to covid 19, we can wear this additional must-have.

Transparent Protective Visor Half face  

This FACE SHIELD or Visor protect you from your neighbor while walking

on the street, on boarding the bus or train, anywhere even without conversation

transpired. So, if this was produced before COVID striked, there were small

number of deaths perhaps.


( or SMOOTHIE pack - for weight conscious  on-diet adults ), you may have 

already your  own weight-loss keto recipe on hand as it is hassle to go out daily shopping for  such

fruits to extract for your smoothie.  Since going to gyms was strictly banned at the onset of 

lockdown,  maintaining your shape is  a bit compromise.  However, overweight can reduce 

their eating habits  being in crisis and lack of jobs, but it is still not advisable. If you opt to 

reduce  your intake of food, you must supplement it with disease-resistance vitamins to

combat covid. 

(  in 60 softgels )

LIFE EXTENSION  ONCE-A-DAY BOOSTER- is a fat soluble vitamin and Phytonutrient.

This is plant-based  prepared from plants since they are hard to find vitamins like K1, K2

and multiple forms of vitamin E. This has a Macuguard, blend of valuable carotenoids for 

 healthy vision, plus lycopene, saffron and more.  

Sold at   IHERB. iHERB offers almost all multivitamins that are plant-based, as the brand

name suggest "herb". From adult to your kids nutrition, each product comes in big bottles

and they are offering 20%  flat discount on a $80 purchase-value you make online. USe code:

VALUE80 upon checkout. Or have the Rewardpay app( link here )  and hop shop from one store to


5.  A DIGITAL WALLET - I may  not campaign against your bank or against your credit card

issuer but a digital wallet nowadays is better off than a bank in some ways:

1. Some digital wallets are aware why the need or why they were created.

Most of the population are unbanked or don't have any bank account or bank card.

Going into the ATMs  to shop is not already the trend  if only you have meager 

pesos or dollars on hand. 

2. Some digital wallets offer interests to your token deposits at least greater than a 

bank can offer. ( Abra offers 9% in Bitcoin and Ethereum , while 14% for  USDC,

PAX, etc). Other like Atomic wallet varies but it offers to  stakeholders  similar to

Nexo and users can avail loans also with proper verification.

While other people are trading, mining or staking, at least you must have a 

digital wallet. Don't you know that Bitcoins and ethereums in EOS or PAX are accepted

as payment currency now in most US and CHINA ?  In Philippines, there are 4 BITCOIN

ATMs in Makati, Quezon city,& Taguig . Already have Paymaya, Gcash, or Coinsph?

Gcash has Gsave, it offers also interest to your little deposit per month.

You can add ABRA wallet or ATOMIC WALLET just stake it! 😏😏👍

Now, you are good-to-go smart techie, but wait! You are not going all time to your 

game session. Be responsible while  classes are online. SOme don't have

cellphones or tablets as they don't have internet or mobile wifi. So manage your time

well. Use your smartwatch and set hours for your gaming session, for your study session,

and for your eating session. Set time to relax, guy, you are at home not in school.


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Best Supplements for Glowing, Anti-Ageing Skin that You must look for

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